Baraž: A Manifesto

We are not nihilists. There are certain things we believe in, and one of them is a right to football. A right to experience it in every possible aspect – key and marginal, popular and obscure, serious and goofy – despite our background in a football culture whose horizons often appear hopelessly narrow and grim. Baraž (eng. Barrage) is the united alternative to the dominant media discourse in our countries.

You may see it as a football writers club – hence the ball and the typewriter in our crest, created by young artist Anita Roza Sambol. It is a collective of independent individuals and a platform for free expression of thoughts, ideas, wishes and salutes.

We are not confined or burdened by boundaries of geography, nationality/ethnicity or language. People who live in eight different countries are on our roster and they write in three different languages: Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian (yes, we all do understand all three). Here you will also find articles in English, written either by ourselves or by visiting international writers. Baraž is also a proud member of the Copa 90 collective.

We don't do this for money. Some of us write profesionally elsewhere, to others it's just a hobby – but no one sees it as work only. What drives us is passion and a pressing need. Our Weltschmertz, perhaps. Love. Defiance. Self-defence, if you will. It's all football.

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